dijous, 19 de maig de 2011


In summer I will go to London with my girlfriend .We like travel to London because its a nice city. The ticket it cost  400  euros and we'll take  IBERIA and we'll take the plane on Barccelona .The first day  we'll  go to the shop to buy a London guide, after we'll go to the nearest restaurat we find.Afterwards  we'll go to find a hotel  where we'll sleep on our holiday.Next day we'll go to the city to visit some things like museums, zoo.. and take photos. When we'll arrive to Spain we'll show the photos to our friends. It will  be a nice holidaiys and  I think we'll go on June and we'll arrive on September.

dimecres, 30 de març de 2011


Hello can you tell my how I can go to the bar please? You must go to forest street and then turn left on the Min Street  and you will see the bar.

Hello can you tell my how i can go to Italian Restsurant please ? You must go to end of Min Street and then turn left

divendres, 25 de febrer de 2011



Ingredients : tomato , flour , cheeese , hot water , salt .

1-Put flower ,yeast, salt , and hot water in the bowl.
2-Mix thees ingredients
3-Wait 1/2 hours to raise the butter
4-Shape the pizza
5-Put the taomto , spices and cheese on top
6- list! for menjar

1- Mix ingredients in the bowl and beat
2-Must look like a yogurt smothie
3-Place a small pan heat a telefon with a dash of oil and take a little , mixture to skillet
4-Showd be turned several times unit the pancakes is golden brown.
ingredients : 11/2 coups (350) g all-purpose flowr ,3 tsp baking powder ,1 tbsp white sugar ,1 tsp salt , 11/4 coups (300 ml ) milk , 1 egg , 3 tbsp butter melted.

dijous, 24 de febrer de 2011


Yesterday for break fast i drank some coup of milk and some biscuits.For lunch i ate rice also and for dessetrts i ate a banana.At nine of nith, for dinner i ate macaroni and fish and for desserts i ate tree apples and a strawberry juice .
I didn t healthy because for dinner i ate macaroni and it have fat.

I wouldn't like to be vegetarian because the vegetarian people can not eat meat and i think that the meat is essencial for grow and it's very good food.

dijous, 3 de febrer de 2011


My favorite fruit is banana because it have vitamins and its halthy.It can eat with juice is bery delicious.In the juice there are na other fruits like strawberry orange apple and some milk.The best banana of spain in the islands canarias

The onion is any a variety of plants in de genus Allium specifically Allium cepa.The onion when you eat it is very acid and it can do cry but is very nice in my opinion. the onoin it can eat whith trout in the bread i do it evry dey when i go to school. It can eat also with potato omelette that is one of my favorite food ¡ what a feast !

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